I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04 and am getting the following error while updating the system (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y):

You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.  
The following packages have unmet dependencies: 
klibc-utils : Depends:
              libklibc (= 2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.4) but 2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.3 is installed  
E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.

After running sudo apt -f install I got the following error:

pkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libklibc_2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.4_amd64.deb (--unpack): unable to create '/lib/klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so.dpkg-new' (while processing './lib/klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so'): Permission denied Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/libklibc_2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.4_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I cannot manually rename/move file "klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so" present in /lib directory

root@xxxxx:/lib# mv klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so_bak   
mv: cannot move 'klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so'  
  to 'klibc-k3La8MUnuzHQ0_kG8hokcGAC0PA.so_bak': Permission denied

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I fixed this by removing the immutable flag on /lib

chattr -i /lib
rm /lib/klibc-xyzfile
apt-get -f install

then it all worked fine.

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