After installing ubuntu17.10 I was depressed by the fact that I can't add my partitions to the dock in order to easily mount and open them, I locked around on google, ubuntu forums and I got nothing, so I appreciate if any one could help me.

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You can only add applications (i.e. packages which have a .desktop file either in /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications) to the dock not folders or shortcuts. This is a feature-limitation which is likely to be fixed in the next versions of Dash To Dock (and the Ubuntu dock by extension).

If you want to have your mounted-partitions visible at all times then the Removable Drive Menu extension can help with that. This extension makes any mounted partition permanently visible in the right corner of the top-panel.

If you'd like this feature in the dock then you can use Dash To Panel to transform the top-panel into a dock.

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