I am playing a youtube video in Chrome and switched to full screen and it works fine but when I press the volume button on my keyboard to adjust the volume, I see that xfce4-panel appearing all of sudden even in full screen mode. I tried using wmctrl -r "xfce4-panel" -b add,below and it is working. But when I place the command on startup, it is not working. I have to manually every time enter this command in the Terminal for the effect. I have also tried using sleep 20 && wmctrl -r "xfce4-panel" -b add,below command in the Session and Startup of Xfce with the view that the command will start after the xfce4-panel is loaded, but still it is of no use.

P.S: This happens even with VLC and other apps fullscreen mode also. When I try to make a screenshot of this to post here, I see that the panel is disappearing in the screenshot.


I wrote it in a shell file rather than directly pasting the command in the Session and startup like this.

sleep 10
wmctrl -r "xfce4-panel" -b add,below

and then added it to startup as "/home/user/wmctrl.sh" and it worked. The sleep 10 waits for 10 sec so that the xfce4-panel is loaded. Some systems may take longer, so the sleep value must be adjusted accordingly. I suppose that 10 sec would be optimal for most systems since it will not take more than that for xfce4-panel to be loaded after logging in and also, typically no one would play a video and go full screen and adjust volume within 10 sec of system startup.

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