i've tried to install wine-mono 4.7.1 on Lubuntu 17.10

wget http://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1
sudo apt update


Hit:1 http://bg.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful InRelease
Get:2 http://bg.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-updates InRelease [78,6 kB]   
Get:3 http://bg.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-backports InRelease [72,2 kB] 
Get:4 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-security InRelease [78,6 kB]    
Hit:5 http://download.mono-project.com/repo/ubuntu xenial InRelease            
Hit:6 http://ppa.launchpad.net/cdemu/ppa/ubuntu artful InRelease               
Ign:7 http://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1 artful InRelease               
Err:8 http://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1 artful Release                 
404  Not Found
Hit:9 https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu artful InRelease                
Hit:10 http://deb.playonlinux.com trusty InRelease                             
Reading package lists... Done                      
E: The repository 'http://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1 artful Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

I look This post

The "sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:" command didn't work for me.

Tried manually remove from /etc/apt/sources.list but access is denied

Is there other way to remove the broken repository

  • Can't you uncheck it from the Software & Updates in the Other Software tab?
    – Terrance
    Dec 6, 2017 at 22:58
  • when you tried to manually remove it from the sources.list file did you use sudo (to raise your privileges/permissions) ?
    – guiverc
    Dec 6, 2017 at 23:18
  • Does this answer your question? How can PPAs be removed? and How to remove a repository?
    – karel
    Jun 3, 2020 at 8:48

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The wget command does not add a ppa in the first place, it simply downloads files over http. The command you posted simply downloads Wine from the internet.

However, if you find you would like to remove a source manually, you can do so by opening /etc/apt/sources.list and removing the line that contains the source.

You can do this using the command sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list. Sudo is used as you require root privileges to edit the file.


The command to download mono is:

wget https://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1/wine-mono-4.7.1.msi

then you have to run it in the WINE prefix that you want to install mono in.

To correct the sources list, you need root privileges:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

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