I am using an Dell Latitude 3480 laptop which comes with the Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 Wifi card with Ubuntu OS (16.04 Release). When I use it as a sniffer (using wireshark) after enabling monitor mode using airmon-ng, I am only able to get Beacon and Probe response frames (which are the management packets).

I am not able to get the data packets in wireshark.

I tried sniffing packets from an tcp traffic run between an Netgear AP and a client in 5G network with open-none security.

Is this an expected problem with this card?

I tried reinstalling the driver and all, but no change. The kernel I use is 4.4.102-0404102-generic.

Can someone really help me out?


Do you use custom drivers? As far as I know linux distros that are capable of sniffing wifi have custom drivers installed, like Kali, Backbox and so on. I don't think there is a problem with the card itself, but rather with the software.

I suggest you try using Kali or other distros and use tools like airodump-ng, so you can rule this out.

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