In Terminal I'm running a program that includes setup config, which I want the output to go into a file, but it asks for input after about 10 seconds of "t" or "p". I want it to be "t". The "grep -v --line-buffered value" is where I do not want 'value' in the line to be saved to file.

Sort of like this...

./Program conf/program.conf |grep -v --line-buffered value> text.file
Only the program needs "t" to be issued.
./Program conf/program.conf | t | grep -v --line-buffered value> text.file
./Program conf/program.conf ; sleep 10s;  t ; grep -v --line-buffered value> text.file

This of course these do not work, only works if Program is ended.

As a last resort, I could use "tee" command and split screen with file, then just wait 10 sec and enter "t". But I want this to be unattended, and execute on its own, with "t" entered by an automated means.

Thanks for any input..

  • try: echo t | ./Program ... – glenn jackman Dec 4 '17 at 21:25
  • or <<<"t" ./Program …. – dessert Dec 4 '17 at 21:56

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