Skype is drawing red lines under non-English words I type. How to disable it, or change the spell checking language? Apparently, the spell checker is not a part of Skype itself.

Using Ubuntu 16.04 with Gnome, Skype

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    I'm using Xubuntu 16.04 LTS with Xfce '.12 and Skype I made it by changing all Skype interface language. You can do that in File/View profile menu... And in the popup you can change the language . – Zan RAKOTO Mar 21 '18 at 6:58

Disclaimer: This is an old question but I haven't found a solution before fiddling it by myself. Hopefully it can reach more people given the annoyance.

Removing Skype's ability to write dictionaries to disk isn't fatal.

cd ~/.config/skypeforlinux/dictionaries
rm *
sudo chattr +i .

Using chmod(1) wouldn't remove Skype's ability to remove and recreate the dictionary directory. Note that chattr(1) is Linux-specific and for FreeBSD you'd use chflags schg and so on.

Furthermore please note that Skype ignores spellchecking preferences from KDE.

On some installations, the path is ~/.config/skypeforlinux/Dictionaries or even both variants might exist.

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