How do I change slide text color?

I don't see a format text menu ribbon like I am accustomed to seeing in Microsoft Powerpoint, nor do I see a collection of text editing options like in Google Documents.


Found via searching menu bar Help > LibreOffice Help for 'color': Click View > Toolbars > Color Bar (scroll down; it is not alphabetized but rather at the bottom of the list), then with the text highlighted, click on the desired color panel in the bottom Color Bar (panel that appears beneath the slide).

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    this is not the best design decision by whoever designed libreoffice draw . – jeremy_rutman Nov 13 '19 at 14:18

You can also add the "Text Formatting" toolbar to get access to all text formatting options. View > Toolbars > Text Formatting.

Sorry, LibreOffice, but this is quite non-intuitive (i.e. dumb). When one highlights text, the text formatting toolbar should automatically appear. No?

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