I have typed out the code for this mychoice.sh bash example and I keep getting the syntax error: unexpected end of file.

Am I missing something?



E='echo -e';e='echo -en';trap ";exit" 2
ESC=$( $e "\e")
TPUT(){ $e "\e[${1};${2}H";}
CLEAR(){ $e "\ec";}
CIVIS(){ $e "\e[25l"}
DRAW(){ $e "\e%\e(0";}
WRITE(){ $e "\e(B";}
MARK(){ $e "\e[7m";}
UNMARK(){ $e "\e[27m";}
R(){ CLEAR ;stty sane;$e "\ec\e[37;44m[J";};
    for each in $(seq 1 13);do
    $E "   x                    x"
    i=0; CLEAR; CIVIS;NULL=/dev/null
    printf "ENTER - SELECT,NEXT         ";UNMARK;}
ARROW(){ read -s -n3 key 2>/dev/null >&2
     if [[$key = $ESC[A ]];then echo up;fi
     if [[$key = $ESC[B ]];then echo dn;fi;}
M0(){ TPUT  4 20; $e "Login info";}
M1(){ TPUT  5 20; $e "Network";}
M2(){ TPUT  6 20; $e "Disk";}
M3(){ TPUT  7 20; $e "Routing";}
M4(){ TPUT  8 20; $e "Time";}
M5(){ TPUT  9 20; $e "About  ";}
M6(){ TPUT 10 20; $e "Exit   ";}
MENU(){ for each in $(seq 0 $LM);do M${each};done;}
POS(){ if [[ $cur == up ]];then ((i--));fi
    if [[ $cur == dn ]];then ((i++));fi
    if [[ $i -lt 0 ]];then i=$LM;fi
    if [[ $i -gt $LM ]];then i=0;fi;}
REFRESH(){ after=$((i+1)); before=$((i-!))
    if [[ $before -lt 0 ]];then before=$LM;fi
    if [[ $after -gt 0 ]];then after=0;fi
    if [[ $j -lt $i ]];then UNMARK;M$before;else UNMARK;M$after;fi
    if [[ $after -eq 0 ]] || [$before -eq $LM ];then 
        UNMARK; M$before; M$after;fi;j=$i;UNMARK;M$before;M$after;}
SC(){ REFRESH;MARK;$S;$b;cur='ARROW';}
ES(){ MARK;$e "ENTER = main menu ";$b;read;INIT;};INIT
while [[ "$0" != " " ]]; do case $i in
    0) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS(w     )\n";ES;fi;;
    1) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS(ifconfig  )\n";ES;fi;;
    2) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS(df -h )\n";ES;fi;;
    3) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS(route -n  )\n";ES;fi;;
    4) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS(date  )\n";ES;fi;;
    5) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;$e "\nS($e by oTo )\n";ES;fi;;
    6) S=M2;SC;if [[ $cur == "" ]];then R;exit 0;fi;; 
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    Can I suggest you use www.shellcheck.net and then post here if you need help interpreting the results? – steeldriver Dec 2 '17 at 18:01

You can run your script through shell checker:

$ shellcheck myscript

Line 7:
CIVIS(){ $e "\e[25l"}
^-- SC1009: The mentioned parser error was in this function.
       ^-- SC1073: Couldn't parse this brace group.
                    ^-- SC1083: This } is literal. Check expression (missing ;/\n?) or quote it.

Line 23:
         if [[$key = $ESC[A ]];then echo up;fi
            ^-- SC1035: You need a space after the [[ and before the ]].

Line 24:
         if [[$key = $ESC[B ]];then echo dn;fi;}
            ^-- SC1035: You need a space after the [[ and before the ]].

Line 42:
        if [[ $after -eq 0 ]] || [$before -eq $LM ];then 
                                 ^-- SC1035: You need a space after the [ and before the ].

Line 56:

^-- SC1056: Expected a '}'. If you have one, try a ; or \n in front of it.
^-- SC1072: Missing '}'. Fix any mentioned problems and try again.


As the shell checker tells us you need to change line 7 from:

CIVIS(){ $e "\e[25l"}


CIVIS(){ $e "\e[25l";}

Couple of comments:

  • Don't use variables for calling commands as in E='echo -e';e='echo -en'; use functions instead with at least somewhat descriptive names. Alternatively use printf if you need backslash interpretation
  • add spaces after test command, [ and [[ (and yes, it's not an operator, it's actually a command called "test" and [ is just a shorthand for it, that's why you need spaces)
  • use lowercase letters for function and variable names ( this will avoid confusion with standard environment variables )
  • in addition to what WinEunuuchs2Unix already posted, shellcheck also notes one more thing:

    SC(){ REFRESH;MARK;$S;$b;cur='ARROW';}
                          ^-- SC2154: b is referenced but not assigned.

    This variable $b is not assigned, so consider either getting rid of it if it's not going to be used or assign some value to it.

  • The code I typed out was from the Linux Manual Vol 48 by BDM Publications. I do wonder how they got $b to work? – Niall Magner Dec 3 '17 at 14:37

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