I'm running Ubuntu 17.10 with gnome on a Lenovo B40-70. This install is actually an in-place upgrade from Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 that I did the day 17.10 came out. After that, I never needed to go into the Bios, except today, when I went into the Bios to boot into a LiveCD, because it wasn't showing in the Fn + F10 Boot Options. There I realised that I can't change any Bios settings at all. When I change settings, they never get saved. I reboot to the Bios again, and the settings are the same as they were before. I should point out, these aren't the default settings. I actually tried to reset to default settings, and even that didn't get saved. Also, it seems like I can't boot from any USB drives. I have tried with a number of distros(multiple versions of ubuntu, Arch, manjaro) and they never show up in the boot options.

Then, I tried getting into the Bios from Grub, but it shows me this error - Error: could not set EFI variable 'OsIndications'

I'm not sure if these are Ubuntu issues, and whether these 2 issues are inter-related, but searching around, I found these 2 questions -

These look very similar to the issues I have, and I don't have enough reputation to comment, so thats why I'm making this question.

Edit: It seems like a lot of people are facing this issue - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1734147


A workaround I ended up using for a similar issue (warning, ugly): Turn power off. Remove hard drive. Power-on. In my case the BIOS defaulted to looking for a USB boot in the absence of a hard drive. Then, as soon as USB starts to boot, plug the hard drive back in to stop it throwing a "No HDD!" fit.

Told you it was ugly. Worked though.

  • In my case, even bootable USB drives aren't visible in the boot options.
    – Guest1997
    Nov 30 '17 at 17:56

Any updates? I have seen a case here, the guy have managed to make it work again by upgrading kernel to a newer version.

Unable to make changes in BIOS after 17.10 installation


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