I have an all in one openstack installation using conjure-up on a single machine.

Ive configured a network to connect my instance to the outside world, so that I can ping and ssh to it. There are 3 components to this network, a private network, a router and an external network.

The external network is a FLAT type network with its physical network name as defined in the /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini (which is eth0) in the neutron-api/0 node.

We have a pool of IP addresses which are unused and available 10.xx.xx.70 - 10.xx.xx.74 , so the instance gets its external floating ip from this.

The instance is up and running and we can ssh into it from the compute node(nova-compute/0) but cant ping/ssh from the instance to the outside and vice-versa.

The router has two interfaces one for the private network and the other for the external network, the status of these interfaces are DOWN.

Restarted the l3 agent service and neutron service

systemctl restart neutron-server.service

systemctl restart neutron-l3-agent.service

but no luck. This setup is just to demonstrate a Proof Of Concept to show that a virtual machine on the cloud can be accessed from outside.

I'm mostly a novice when it comes to networking, so I may have missed some additional configurations.

I've seen this question: https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/109367/how-to-debug-the-routers-interface-all-the-interfaces-status-are-down/

and tried to make the changes and restart the services but didnt work.

Also, openstack-config --set commands dont work , I do have the openstack cli installed but it says command not found. If we edit the file manually it says local changes may be overwritten, so how can one change the config in the ml2_conf.ini ?

The server on which openstack is deployed is a Ubuntu 16.03 LTS Server. We've used lxd as a container , the name of the bridge is lxdbr0.

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