I am working on a Windows 10 machine. I have recently downloaded the Ubuntu app from the Windows Store for faster and better use of repo and git. Is there a way to change the cursor in the Ubuntu terminal? Right now it is the default block. I would prefer the ibeam (vertical line) style that blinks, similar to what most word processing applications use.


I don't believe Windows Subsystem for Linux supports changing the cursor in the default terminal. If you want to use a different cursor type, or a more advanced terminal, you need to replace it.

I believe that https://github.com/goreliu/wsl-terminal would be the easiest way of getting a new terminal for WSL. It runs mintty internally which does support a different cursor style. If you do not wish to install it, you should be able to install the mintty wsl terminal directly with https://github.com/mintty/wsltty

  • Thank you! I may look into changing my terminal all together or simply living with the underline cursor style. – LiegeLord Nov 30 '17 at 21:45

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