I used to be able to create a rar archive from a file or folder by just right-clicking on the file (in Nautilus) and choosing "Compress...". I had the option to choose the rar format, which I like because I can create password-protected archives.

But now, when I do the same procedure, the only formats that are available are "zip", "tar.gz", and "7z". Strange.

I checked that the newest versions of the packages rar and unrar are still installed on my system.

Is there a way to get back the ".rar" format as an option when I create an archive through Nautilus?


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Try using file-roller.

You'll still need to have the package rar installed.

sudo apt install rar

Once it's installed, launch the app called "file-roller".

enter image description here Then create a new archive using the menu and choose type "rar". Adding files to your archive is done using + icon.

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