Since upgrading to 17.10 I keep getting prompted for a calendar from an old gmail account that I used to use in evolution.

I no longer use evolution or that account on this machine. Ever since I upgraded it has been asking me for the password, will not accept the correct password (not using 2-factor authentication), and there is no way for me to delete the account.

I no longer have evolution installed so I don't know where it got that account from. It is not listed in Online Accounts. I installed Evolution to see if there was a way to delete it there, and the remove button is greyed out.

Where is the configuration file that controls this so I can remove the account manually?

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    now that you have evolution installed, try sudo apt-get purge evolution to remove configuration files
    – ravery
    Nov 27 '17 at 16:45

I purged Evolution and removed ~/.config/evolution/ and ~/.local/share/evolution/ and logged out and back in and the calendars were gone.

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