I am running Ubuntu 14.04. When I run

sudo apt-get install gazebo2

apt-get complains it cannot find libsdformat(<=2.0)

apt-get doesn't provide libsdformat(<=2.0), so I have built libsdformat1.4 from the source.

How can I make apt-get find a dependency I have built myself?

  • gazebo2 is not provided in the official repositories, either. Where are you getting it from?
    – fkraiem
    Nov 27, 2017 at 9:31

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First, convert your files into a .deb file.

To do that, install dpkg-dev if it's not installed. Next, put all your files into one folder and use dpkg-dev to create a file that can be read by apt.

Now, upload that file to a website where you want people to download it from.

Now add that URL in the sources list.

Now, the file should be downloadable using apt commands.

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