I used the default alert sound in Ubuntu 17.04. When I upgraded to 17.10, the same sound played. When trying different sound settings, I clicked on a sound and now I hear that sound + the old one. If I set "Alarm volume" to OFF, there's obviously no sound. If I set it to ON, I hear 2 sounds.

my current settings


I'm not sure how reproducible this is but I was able to disable the default sound in 17.10. Here's what I did:

  1. Change the sound theme to gnome using the dconf-editor (under org.gnome.desktop.sound).
  2. Under Sound Effects in the Sound Settings (shown in your picture), disable alerts.

For good measure, I also logged out and logged back in between steps.

Now, I still get the alerts (at least, I do when I test it at the terminal), but I don't get two alert sounds. It is also worth noting that I upgraded from Ubuntu GNOME, so I may have different sound themes available.

If you want a different alert sound than the GNOME default, you will probably need to make a new theme. My themes were in /usr/share/sounds (each folder contains a theme). You should be able to copy a theme, change the name in the new index.theme, and then add the alert sound you like (as described in this AskUbuntu post).

  • What I did is simply set default value to ON under org.gnome.desktop.sound (but left "Alert" on) and now I only hear the default alert sound. Thanks! – Célestin Taramarcaz Jan 25 '18 at 9:16

@desilvai's answer didn't work for me, but it helped me find a workaround. In dconf-editor, I changed org/gnome/desktop/sound/event-sounds to OFF. Now I only hear one sound. The drawback is that I can not customize which sounds it plays, but at least it is less ugly than having two sounds...

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