I have installed Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 on a supercomputer and it uses for multiple-user using. Let's the name as the suppercomputer is a serverubuntu. In the serverubuntu, I have install tensorflow-gpu 1.2 as

serverubuntu$serverubuntu sudo pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.2

After done, I can import the tensorflow when I am typing in the server

serverubuntu$serverubuntu python
>>> import tensorflow as tf

Right now, I will add a new user that will remote the server using ssh. Let's call it is user1. The user1 will access the server based on ssh as

ssh user1@ip-server

I will try to use tensorflow from terminal of user1 as

user1@serverubuntu python
>>> import tensorflow as tf
ImportError: No module named tensorflow

However, I got the above error. It is not installed not install tensorflow for user1, although user1 are remoting/using on the server. I tried to go to the server and do the import tensorflow as tf in the terminal of server and it works. How could I use tensorflow if I am in the terminal of user1?

  • In serverubuntu$serverubuntu python, after importing tensorflow do: >>> tf.__file__ ; to see where exactly is the package installed. In user1@serverubuntu python, do: >>> import sys >>> print '\n'.join(sys.path) ; Check if path of tensorflow package is included in 'sys.path' of user1 If not, do: >>> sys.path.append('<tensorflow_package_path>') – mdilip May 24 '18 at 16:21

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