I am switching back from mac-land, and the thing that bugs me the most about linux these days is the keybindings. Specifically, right now, I miss Karabiner, and the ability to turn the caps lock both into control and escape at the sametime.

Luckily, I found caps2esc. Unluckily, I don't quite understand how to install it.

I found the way to compile and make install both interception tools and caps2esc. But now it seems I need to mess around with systemd? Now I'm lost.


Here's the relevant documentation:

  1. https://gitlab.com/interception/linux/plugins/caps2esc

  2. https://gitlab.com/interception/linux/tools/blob/master/README.md

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    to really help I'd have to run it, and sorry i'm not doing that. a quick scan-read of files however and I don't see the need of sysd except if you want it to auto-run every boot or use system (systemctl) commands to stop/restart/start/.. it (which would be nicer yes) but are not necessary from my read. – guiverc Nov 23 '17 at 6:09

I think I mostly figured this out.

  1. Follow the instructions to cmake, make, sudo make install
  2. On Ubuntu/Debian, these executables are now in /usr/local/bin/caps2esc
  3. sudoedit /etc/udevmon.yaml and then put this in:

    - JOB: "intercept -g $DEVNODE | caps2esc | uinput -d $DEVNODE"
  4. sudoedit /etc/systemd/system/udevmon.service and put this in:

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/nice -n -20 /usr/bin/udevmon -c /etc/udevmon.yaml
  5. sudo systemctl enable --now udevmon

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    When I ran sudo make install on interception tools, it installed udevmon to /usr/local/bin/udevmon. I changed the reference in /etc/systemd/system/udevmon.service from /usr/bin/udevmon to /usr/local/bin/udevmon and all was well. – Duane J Jul 14 '19 at 22:51
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    Also note that if you don't already have it ( didn't on Pop!_OS), you'll need to install Interception Tools: gitlab.com/interception/linux/tools. The cmake .., make, sudo make install instructions worked out for that for me as well. – Tom Jan 1 at 19:14
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    update to add: I also had to install libyaml-cpp-dev and libevdev to install interception tools. – Tom Jan 1 at 19:22

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