When using 'Dhivehi' as a keyboard input source, unicode character U07AE does not work when typing on LibreOffice or Gedit.

The character is o on the keyboard. When this key is pressed nothing happens.

All the other keys (characters) work fine except for the one that should be given by pressing o. Even Shift+o Works. I also tried exchanging the mapping of the unicode to another key. Even with that, the unicode character did not work.

I have tried changing xkb/symbol mapping to a different key. But that didn't help.

With xev tool, the Unicode symbol is detected in the Terminal. But it does not work when tried elsewhere.

I can insert the character by typing the Unicode, like Ctrl+Shift+ U07AE. But to do this, I have to change language to English.

This issue came up on Ubuntu 17.10; in 16.04 it works as it should.

  • How do you want to enter it? – Zanna Nov 21 '17 at 12:42
  • Using Libre or edit. – 8fan Nov 22 '17 at 4:04
  • What keys would you like to use to type it in? – user689314 Nov 22 '17 at 5:15
  • @Yamboy1 As 8fan wrote, "The Character is 'o' of the Keyboard", which means they should be able to type it by pressing the O key on their English keyboard. – wjandrea Nov 22 '17 at 5:54
  • @wjandrea: U+07AE is called THAANA OBOFILI. It is a non-spacing mark used in Thaana, a script used for writing the Maldivian language. It has nothing to do with U+004F LATIN LETTER O. – AlexP Nov 22 '17 at 7:34

just for the record, this is fixed by

sudo apt install ibus-m17n

reboot and you would get option to add "Divehi" phoenatic keyboard under regional and language settings.

works in ubuntu 19.04

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  • I didn't see a "Divehi" keyboard available to install, but after changing "Keyboard input method system" to "XIM" it's working. – andho Jul 21 '19 at 17:30

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