I was surfing the Internet, and suddenly (I didn't do anything, did change any settings, only were using browser) - Interned disappeared. I thought something with the router, I rebooted it, then my phone and the other Ubuntu-PC successfully reconnected, but my notebook Can not access any server. Looks like there is no Internet.

But if I start expressvpn connect it can successful access its servers and establish the connection, and than my browser can show web pages.

What happened, how to reset this behavior? I can not access Internet with VPN being connected.

I tried this How do I reset my Network settings to default? - doesn't work, can see any wifi networks. Also I flushed /etc/network/interfaces - doesn't help.

I tried reinstall ExpressVPN too - didn't help.

How to get back the default behavior. I don't want reinstall Ubuntu, it's not Windows, when you do it every time something doesn't work, right?


Check out How to restore/recreate etc/resolv.conf files

Specifically: sudo apt-get remove --purge resolvconf && sudo apt-get install resolvconf

That fixed it for me!


Run sudo apt install resolvconf then disconnect expressvpn

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    I believe resolvconf is installed by default. If so, this wouldn't do anything. Is resolvconf removed by ExpressVPN installation or something like that? – Chai T. Rex Dec 25 '17 at 2:13

Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf after disconnecting expressvpn.

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