Known stuff:

  • CTRL + ALT + left-arror moves to the previous workspace. (i.e., WS2 -> WS1)
  • CTRL + ALT + right-arrow moves to the next workspace (i.e., WS1 -> WS2).

But swapping workspaces isn't so easily referenced!


I made a mistake! WS3 should be WS2! WS2 should be WS3!

Questions by value:

  1. How to rearrange workspaces via keyboard?
  2. How to rearrange workspaces?
  3. How to clone a workspace [via keyboard]?

Terribly cumbersome workaround:

right-click every proggy/app taskbar-item in both WSs and click Move to Another Workspace

Slightly better workaround:

  1. mod: launcher.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts.
  3. Change Switch to workspace # to CTRL + mod + num #.

There are additional shortcut keys that can be added.

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    You might want to include the steps to add additional shortcuts to make this a rock solid answer. – Videonauth Nov 24 '17 at 1:39

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