I'm trying to figure out how to sync evolution's 'task' and/or 'memo' functions with a remote server which is running NextCloud. However, neither the tasks I create locally nor the tasks I create directly on the remote server sync with one another. Within evolution, I am setting up a new task list with the following settings.

As I understand it a CalDav calendar can include TODO items and so I'm trying to sync to the calendar MYCALENDAR which I can sync to via evolution's 'calendar' function.

  • This link seems relevant, but I'm still digesting the difference between VTODO and VJOURNAL and how they map to evolution's tasks and memos. – mikemtnbikes Nov 16 '17 at 19:55

I figured this out, at least for Tasks.

The mistake I made was using Type: On Web.

The correct setting is Type: DavCal

This, of course, makes sense but is not what's listed on the official evolution documentation.

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