On my Ubuntu 14.04, I am using 2 monitors: Main and sub.

I also set byobu as a start-up application:

enter image description here

Is it possible to start byobu maximized on the sub monitor?


A. find out a geometry for your terminal:

/usr/bin/gnome-terminal --geometry=800x800+1921+0
                                   (width x height + x location + y location)

*x location = width of main + x location of sub
*to check width and height of a terminal, run `stty size`

B. open terminal with specific command:

  1. right click on terminal -> profile -> profile preference
  2. on title and command tab, check run a custom command instead of my shell
  3. enter custom command: /usr/bin/byobu

C. add command to startup application:

  1. run gnome-session-properties
  2. add startup program
  3. enter command from A /usr/bin/gnome-terminal --geometry=800x800+1921+0
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