Im running following setup build from source:

Xen(quemu was part of Xen build process)

virsh vol-create qcow2 Responds to me: No qemu installd, only raw possible. Every solution pointet out for this problem is apt-install the qemu package.

So what happens if I do so? In which way is this conflicting with the already working version of qemu running under Xen?

Is it possible to tell virt/virsh where the qemu(Xen) binaries are placed?


there is no need to install the qhole qemu package. only qemu-util is needed. It contains beside some other stuff qemu-img which is needed for virsh. Size after installation is 17,3 MB.

I still don't know if this small package influences the Xen system, but time will show. I'll keep this up to date, if there are upcomming problems.

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