I have a big file of fasta sequence and a list of IDs. I need to grep some sequences with header using their IDs from another file. Here, is the files examples.

File 1:


File 2

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You can have grep read patterns from a file, one pattern per line, with the -f option:

grep -x -F -A 1 -f 'File 2' 'File 1'


  • -F interprets patterns literally and not as regular expressions,

  • -x only matches entire lines,

  • -A N prints N lines following each match.


I got this to work:

for i in $(cut -d" " -f1- file2); do grep -o "$i" file1 | tee -a result.txt; done

Assumption file1 == id file, and file2 == file to be greped


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