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I'm on Xubuntu 11.10 and currently trying to use emblems in Thunar to mark which videos in a folder I've already watched.

The problem is I can't find any terminal command to do so and neither can I change the properties of multiple files in Thunar as the context menu item 'properties' is greyed out as soon as I select more than one file.

The command 'gvfs-set-attribute' which works with Nautilus doesn't do anything in Thunar. I guess Thunar stores the meta-data in some other way.

Can anyone tell me how to either set the emblems with a custom command (better solution) or change multiple file properties in Thunar?

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Thunar saves its metadata in a special file. You can find it at $HOME/.cache/Thunar/metafile.tbd.

This is a database and can be accessed using tbdtool (that is part of tdb-tools)

Use it like this:

tdbtool $HOME/.cache/Thunar/metafile.tdb

To show the contents of the database use the dump command.

Dump the current database as strings.

In your question you also wanted to insert emblems. You can use insert for this:

insert KEY *DATA*
Insert a record into the current database.

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