I want to get a Intel graphic driver. there are no support of intel, but I get intel-linux-graphics installer_1.0.7-0intel1_i386 and install && run it gave me "Checking if Intel graphics card available... OK Retrieving information from 01.org... Failed"

How can I install graphic driver?!

Thank you

Environment - Ubuntu 14.04 - kernel 3.14.44( patch with xenomai) - intel i3-skylake

lspci -nnk | grep VGA 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics [8086:1912] (rev 06)

  • This sounds like a simple network error while running a tool that talks to a remote site. – dobey Nov 13 '17 at 9:42
  • 'Retrieving information from 01.org... Failed' tells you your package-manger couldn't download from the site. Try pointing a browser there & see the package exists (it may not anymore); or it was simply 'down' the moment you tried & is back up. Something in your /etc/apt/sources.list etc. told it to check there so it did. Check your sources for errors (esp. if non-original [canonical/ubuntu] sites), point to another mirror, or just download it yourself then dpkg -i install it. – guiverc Nov 13 '17 at 10:23
  • I do not know what is "patch with xenomai". But you may want to try newer driver from official Ubuntu repository - it is in xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-xenial package. – N0rbert Nov 13 '17 at 10:54
  • Typically this happens when people miss the part about adding signatures before using the Intel tool. Scroll down in the same page you downloaded it from and you'll see. Proceed according to the instructions and then simply run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. No need to ever run the GUI tool from Intel (it already added the Intel's repo, all is missing is the signature for that repo, then apt can do the rest). – user692175 Nov 13 '17 at 19:18
  • I installed the package xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-trusty like sudo apt-get install package-name and did sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. but everything is same. I mean pach with xenomai that I did kernel patch kernel3.14.44 to using xenomai and some programs, so I should use kernel 3.14.44. – 오찬민 Nov 14 '17 at 0:14

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