I was running out of disk space on root for ubuntu 16.04. I used gparted to resize it. It seemed to go okay (no error messages). gparted showed everything okay. On boot, I get my grub menu okay but when it goes to boot it says "cleaning /dev/sda1" or something like that and hangs there. I go back to gparted and it won't select the sda1 partition. The first partition it'll select is the sda5 (home partition). I used live-usb to boot ubuntu and looked at fstab. For sda1, it says errors=remount-ro.

How do I fix this using live-usb? Or should I just re-install ubuntu from scratch? I don't think it's a grub problem because the grub menu shows okay - but maybe it is.

I run fdisk -l and it shows all partitions but the ID for sda1 is the same as sda5 which doesn't seem right.


I was able to find the answer using these 2 prior posts: Repairing broken installation from Live USB without losing data

Repairing the FSTAB

The edit needed in fstab was to remove reference to the partition that I had deleted so I could increase size of root. Hopefully no more problems.

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