enter image description hereI have started using the terminator emulator, and overall it's great. One annoying issue I have however, is that everytime I open up vim inside of it the window acts very odd. Basically all the symbols get wacky and it's illegible. Even doing screen redraw doesn't help.

However, if I open one addition terminal window , the original window with Vim inside goes back to normal. I'd like to not always open a new window for Vim to work, so i'm hoping someone has perhaps had a similar issue.

I think be a vimrc setting that's off. I could put part of it up if that would help. Thanks

Here's some of the vimrc file:

"source $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim
"source $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim
"behave mswin

nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>

"set t_Co=256
" Let's set the wrap margin

" This line should not be removed as it ensures that various options are
" properly set to work with the Vim-related packages available in Debian.
" runtime! debian.vim

filetype plugin on
set hlsearch

"set foldmethod=syntax
"set foldnestmax=1

"set shellcmdflag=-ic

autocmd  BufRead,BufNewFile /tmp/calcurse* set filetype=tex
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile ~/.calcurse/notes/* set filetype=tex

"if has('gui_running')
"  set guifont=Lucida_Console:h11

"set termguicolors

set grepprg=grep\ -nH\ $*
"set t_ut=

"set background=light ## Heading ##
"syntax enable 
"let g:solarized_termcolors=16

"colo desert

" Setting up the relative numbering feature.
set relativenumber 

set foldlevelstart=99

set nocompatible

set shellslash

"innoremap <expr><buffer><silent> gb  ':!zathura --synctex-forward 
'.line(".").':'.col('.').':% ' . 
shellescape(g:latex#data[b:latex.id].out()) . ' >/dev/null<CR>'
let g:livepreview_previewer = 'zathura'
nmap <F12> :LLPStartPreview<cr>

set sw=8

let mapleader=','
"filtetype indent on

set ttimeout

let g:tex_flavor ='pdflatex'

let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat ='pdf'

let g:Tex_CompileRule_pdf = 'pdflatex -synctex=1 -
interaction=nonstopmode $*'

let g:Tex_ViewRule_pdf = 'zathura'

"let g:Tex_CompileRule_dvi = 'latex --interaction=nonstopmode $*'
"let g:Tex_CompileRule_dvi = 'latex -interaction=nonstopmode  $*'
  • Need more information. Which version are you suing? Are you at the console, or is this over a ssh connection?
    – SDsolar
    Commented Nov 10, 2017 at 17:55
  • I'm not sure what version. I think I am at the console but I don't know much about linux still. I use I3window manager over ubuntu and I used to use the standard terminal emulator that comes with ubuntu. Then I installed terminator using the command line. So now when I do the keypress in i3 to bring up a terminal terminator comes up.
    – Jmaff
    Commented Nov 10, 2017 at 17:59
  • 1
    It's really hard to imagine what "acts very odd", "all the symbols", "get wacky" etc. mean. Could you post a screenshot or screencast?
    – egmont
    Commented Nov 10, 2017 at 20:30
  • If you think there's something wrong with your vimrc file, do you mind attaching its content to your question?
    – dessert
    Commented Nov 10, 2017 at 22:17
  • Thanks. I was trying to take a screenshot inside of the i3 window manager and couldn't figure out how. I then tried to take a screenshot from within Ubuntu but there the issue (as I just saw) does not come up. @egmont by get wacky I mean that: as I scroll down or start typing much of the text disappears (these are non empty tex files) and only randomw characters are left on the screen. When I hit <C-L> the screen redraws but when I start typing again the same issue occurs. As I said the fix so far is to open a new terminal and immediately close to.
    – Jmaff
    Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 1:49

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Thank you for posting this question! I am using this every day now.

You can find out the version of Ubuntu you are using with this command:

lsb_release -a

Under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS terminator installs like so:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install terminator

and run by typing:


vim can be installed from inside the terminator window

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vim

and run it by typing

  • It works just fine. Nothing strange about it at all.

You can open a window to the right with Ctrl+Shift+E

And another just below it with Ctrl+Shift+O

  • vim works fine in all of them.

Ctrl+Shift+W closes the "current window" which you can select with your mouse.

Also, if you right-click inside a window it gives the options to split it horizontally or vertically or close it.

Here is an example of using vim in the top screen.

/home/pi/.vimrc looks like this:

syntax enable
set number
set ts=4
set autoindent
set expandtab
set shiftwidth=4
set cursorline
set showmatch
let python_highlight_all = 1

enter image description here

Regurlarly I monitor my cron activity by opening one window below



to get my real-time cron log monitor running, as per:

16.04: How do I make cron create cron.log and monitor it in real time?

Then in this example I have wcron in the bottom part, and above it I ran a script that went out to the OUTSIDE data-logger to run an rsync back to the hard drive of the mothership.

enter image description here

This is great. Makes the Ubuntu experience much more rich on a single monitor.

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