I'm trying to get a script with commands that have to be executed as sudo to run daily using cron. I've installed the cron job using

sudo crontab -e

but it doesn't seem to execute...

It's a script that sends me the output of two command on my Plex server in my email every day. When I run this manually (sudo ~/report.sh it does work) This is the script:


touch file.tmp /usr/local/lib/PlexConnect/PlexConnect_daemon.bash
status > file.tmp service plexmediaserver status >> file.tmp 
if [ -s    file.tmp ] 
       mailx -s "Plex daily report $(date)" 8901190836@donboscokortrijk.be <file.tmp 
rm file.tmp

This is the line for the cronjob:

34 15 * * * ~/report.sh

When I run the command manually, I receive the email. When I use it in a crontab, nothing... Any ideas?

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You're installing a root cronjob when using sudo crontab -e.

~/report.sh will expand to /root/report.sh

Better to use full paths in your cronjob.


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