How do I get Gnome to show NetworkManager connections instead of just the SSIDs?


How can I get back the nm-applet functionality in Gnome Shell?


gnome shell dropdown network controls

This shows me the SSID of the network I am connected to, and doesn't give me any more information.

When I click on select network, it only shows the network I am currently connected to. (Still just the SSID, no idea which connection...) Also, even with extensions, that refresh button is incapable of locating any other WiFi signals while I'm connected to any WiFi network.

enter image description here

So, in order to know what other WiFi networks are available, I have to first disconnect before I can see them.

while connected to a network

After disconnect:

after disconnecting at least once from current wifi

"known wifi networks" doesn't show connection names, just ssids

And even then, I can't see or tell which connection I am actually using, as NetworkManager would have shown me properly:

stupidly complicated connection names

So how do I get those options to become available or at least show in the desktop interface? I would like to know which connection method I am using, as it is often important for me to know what settings I'm using. Right now I've just been using nmcli con up id so any other methods would be appreciated!

And also: how could I change the network connection editor to nm-connection-editor instead of the Gnome one? The Gnome/system one doesn't even have support for addresses only, sharing, IPv6 privacy extensions, per-connection proxy/VPN, OR the ability to enter all the WPA2 enterprise credentials settings...

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