When using Firefox I have troubles with the use of Alt-Gr inside an open menu window (address bar, search bar, addon popup).

This is particularly annoying since, for instance, when using LastPass I cannot enter my email because the window gets closed as soon as I press Alt-Gr (I need it to type the @ sign).

I tried Safe Mode as well as previous Firefox versions, the problem doesn't fix.

The issue came out after updating some package (apt-get upgrade) I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, (with a Spanish keyboard layout)

How can I fix it?


The solution should be, to activate the checkbox Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser in Firefox settings under Privacy & Security -> Permissions

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  • I'm suffering this problem right now. Tried your solution but nothing changed. Thanks for the tip anyway – FedFranzoni Dec 18 '17 at 15:02
  • I have the problem on all my machine, but you are right! I've detected, that I have to make this setting on each restart/reboot. – Kare Dec 19 '17 at 16:01

I post this as an answer for future reference.

The problem was probably due to a bug of the same LastPass addon, so it was automatically fixed with the following update.

In case this issue will happen again in the future, I suggest to downgrade the addon, or simply wait for the next update.

EDIT: Given the fact I suffered from the same issue (again) even without any addon installed, I must deduce the bug is actually within Firefox itself.

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