I use Gnome 3 and I have 2 desktops on it (2 users). Both of them are logged simultaneously and I navigate between desktops via Switch User option.

Sometimes, my other desktop won't load and I kill that user via pkill -KILL -u username command.

Now, I have more users but when I try who the console does not display other user. How can I see which users are logged into Gnome3 in the same time?


Try:ck-history --last

This will include users who logged in via Gnome / GDM. I found that commands like 'who', 'w', 'finger', 'last' only display terminal logins.

  • this actually works. Thanks. But the better command is ck-history --last | more as there are MANY data in it :) – ubuntico May 12 '12 at 14:41

You can try the following command:

sudo who -u -d

This should show you all logged in users - even the ones with dead processes.

  • I noticed that only the sudo user shows up in the who command. Even if I login as the other user and type who, only the sudo user appears. – ubuntico Jan 22 '12 at 17:30

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