I'm planning to create a snap on my python3 app trespass (password keeper). I host it on github https://github.com/gps1539/trespass and it can be installed from pypi via pip install trespass.

I think the install should be simple as it just needs to import the following python modules numpy, pygmgme, argparse and pyperclip. I found that pip install of pygmgme fails as gpgme.h is missing, so it also needs to apt-get install python3-gpgme

I've registered it as a snap but I need a little guidance on how to best structure the install and then write the yaml file.

  • How do I state python3-gpgme as a dependency and make sure this done 1st?
  • Is it better to use snap to invoke pip install or
  • directly pull it from github, then apt-get install the dependencies
  • although it is a small file, it there a way/need to chksum the downloads

Attaching a link PKGBUILD file I use to build it on Arch linux https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=trespass


The documentation for snapping a python application can be found in the snapcraft docs python language guide. This should get you started. If you get stuck, ask further questions here, or join us on #snappy irc or the snapcraft forums. I'm keen to hear your feedback on how you get on with that guide!

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