Whenever I try it says:

Installation failed!
Exit code: 256
Error: Target device is currently busy, unmount all mounted partitions in target device then try again
/usr/bin/woeusb: line 512: 31020 Terminated              
while true; do  
    sleep 0.05; echo 'pulse';
Target device is busy, please make sure you unmount all filesystems on target device before detaching it.

How can I fix it?


WoeUSB requires that the target device (the USB drive that you inserted) be unmounted before it can write anything to it. Open the Disks application, select the USB device that you inserted in the left pane of Disks and unmount it. Click the black square marked by a red arrow in the below screenshot to unmount the selected partition.

enter image description here

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  • were can i find it? – Aekakiac 3 Nov 3 '17 at 14:47
  • In the Dash type disks and click on the Disks icon, a gray hard drive with a wrench on top of it, to open the Disks application. Then you will see something that looks like the screenshot in my answer under where it says Volumes. – karel Nov 3 '17 at 14:49

I just ran into this error, and another option for those who prefer CLI:

sudo fdisk -l

Find the disk and device (partition) that is appropriate. In my case the disk was /dev/sdb, and the device (partition) was /dev/sdb1.

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

then re-attempt the install from WoeUSB.

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