I have removed Google from my Online Accounts. But when I start my computer I am asked for a Google password. The dialog does not show which application is asking. I suppose it is Calendar.

When I start Calendar and go to Calendars in the menu, there are still multiple Google calenders in the list? How do I remove these calendars?


I had the same issue. I was no longer using Evolution anyway so I was able to remove the config files for evolution and when I logged out and back in the accounts were gone. If you still use Evolution that probably won't work for you though. removed ~/.config/evolution/ and ~/.local/share/evolution/

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    rm -rf ~/.config/evolution/sources/; killall gnome-calendar
    – Andrew
    May 9 '18 at 3:03

In 18.04.1 it is still enough to make the command

rm ~/.config/evolution/sources/*

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