I have the MSI GS63vr and when I load the Ubuntu live usb and install it, everything goes perfect until it's time to restart.

  1. The laptop wont restart on it's own from the Ubuntu screen and
  2. When I manually restart it, the laptop will either stay stuck on the purple screen or the black screen where it claims that the CPU 3 or 4 was stuck for 22s.

I have reinstalled it many times now and went through many forms and still nothing seems to work. I get the grub2 screen but then it freezes after that.


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After finishing the installation of your new OS [Ubuntu] you should wait 2 minutes before pressing restart.

It will freeze anyways but it will help grub finish.

After it freezes you need to force the shut down of your computer, turn it on and press the left shift multiple times while the Laptop is restarting.

This will get you in the Ubuntu safe mode, Press the "e" key and you need to add nouveau.modeset=0

you will find this code splash $vt_handoff, what you need to do is add the nouveau.modeset=0 (Use the arrows of the keyboard to move)

It should look like this [splash $vt_handoff nouveau.modeset=0] then you need to press F10 to save changes and restart.

I will leave a picture to help you spot the code where you need to add the nouveau.modeset=0.


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