i have recently bought a Sony Vaio VPCEH2C1E/W laptop on which i installed Ubuntu 11.10 64bit OS type the graphic card is 512 MB NV GeForce 410M for which I chose (version current) [Recommended] if I check System Info, it says Unknown the colours are ok, but can't adjust brightness in the Screen settings (basically nothing happens) in the Display settings menu I also get "Unknown"

i would appreciate if someone could assist me in solving this issue

thank you

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NVidia uses its own configuration software rather than integrate with Ubuntu ones; it was installed along with your drivers. You will be able to configure your monitors, among other things, with the NVIDIA X Server Settings application.

  • lots of thanx Jacob, you were right,
    – fimre
    Jan 21, 2012 at 11:29

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