Can Juju be used on a single server to make it easier to deploy services like MySQL and any other Charms that are available? I understand that it is a tool to deploy and manage huge cloud servers but can it just as well be used on a single server to utilize the simplicity of charms?

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Simple Deployments

Juju can (from version 1.18) deploy to any Ubuntu Server with OpenSSH via manual provisioning:

The basic process is you register your machine(s) with Juju via: juju add-machine ssh: for example. And then you can deploy services to those machines.

Large Deployments

For larger deployments you can use Juju together with the default multiple-server-install coordinator (called MAAS) to deploy charms onto physical machines, or extra physical units to existing services. Juju with MAAS lets you treat a group of physical machines as a cloud, essentially.

Local (Container) deployments

You can also run charms directly on your workstation, which we call a local environment. You run each separate service unit as different LXC container on a single machine (Ubuntu only).

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