After upgrading from 17.04 to 17.10 through the usual channels, and having the Ubuntu-customized version of Gnome installed as part of that upgrade, I discovered that Gnome, both launcher and desktop, flickers rapidly between frames. It seems to switch between the correct updated frame, and a random frame from a few seconds prior. For example, clicking on the time at the top of the screen to bring up the calendar will result in the calendar appearing, then immediately disappearing, and switching back and forth between the two. If I let it stay for a while it becomes stable with the calendar showing consistently, but if I mouse over the days of the calendar, the flicker will reappear as if I am constantly selecting a single date over and over, suggesting that it picks a new frame to flicker to every few seconds. This is something that happens consistently no matter what I do while using Gnome, making the launcher a pain to use and the desktop shell completely unusable. I determined that this happens with both Wayland and xorg versions of Gnome.

I had no problems with this with previous versions of Ubuntu, and selecting Unity in 17.10 still works correctly. I also installed Cinnamon a short time after the upgrade to 17.10 and found that also works correctly. The problem appears to lie with my computer's interaction with Ubuntu Gnome. I am using a 2015 System76 Lemur, and have made sure that Ubuntu and the System76 driver pack are routinely updated. Since Gnome is the new face of Ubuntu I would like to get it working properly and give it a fair shake, but I am not sure where to begin with fixing this issue.

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