I am noob and I have two VPS servers. In the first server, I have user "bob". And I copied-pasted folder (home/bob) this user in the same folder in second VPS server. And when I tried to change a file in this folder (in the second server) a console speaks "permission denied ". What is the problem?

  • You should first change the owner of that copied folder in VPS B then you should be able to access those files – George Udosen Oct 30 '17 at 18:51
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Copying files tends to copy permissions, which includes the UID. You will need to reset the UID:

sudo chown -R youruser:youruser /path/to/folder

So, if you want to make /home/bob owned by bob on your second VPS, run:

sudo chown -R bob:bob /home/bob

I would recommend you read these two excellent pages from the Arch Wiki:

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