What is the proper way to configure basic IPv6 connectivity in Artful? Basically, what are the netplan equivalents to

ip -6 addr add dev eth0 what::ever/64
ip -6 route add default via what::eve0 dev eth0

Before, you could just configure it via /etc/network/interfaces but this doesn't seem to be interpreted any more in 17.10.


OK, to augment the netplan configuration you need to add a or edit an existing .yaml file in /etc/netplan/. The files are considered in order and the ones with higher numbers override those with lower.

My cloud provider created a default .yaml /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml which I left as is and added a /etc/netplan/99-static-network.yaml which augments the provider's config:

  version: 2
        macaddress: it:sm:ac:ad:dr:es
      dhcp4: true
        - your:static:ip::v6/64
      gateway6: your:default:ipv6:gateway

Then I created the config files from my yamls with netplan generate and applied the changes with netplan apply.

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