I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 both at work and at home.

I've made a nice config (from compizconfig-manager like shortcuts, no animations, speedy desktop wall navigation, etc) at work and I want to use it also at home.

So I need to find a way to sync the Unity configurations from work and home both using 11.10... I'm using Ubuntu One and it would be nice if I could sync the computers with it..

Is there a way to do this without copying config files every time I modify the shortcuts on one computer? If no.. then what files do I need to copy to preserve the Unity key-binding/animations, etc.?

Thank you very much :D unity rocks


I would assume UbuntuOne would work (I don't use it much because it doesn't work through firewalls/proxies at work). But denNorske is right, Dropbox could be used too.

It syncs files in the ~/Dropbox folder it creates, so to have it sync files that need to remain outside that location like configuration file, I believe you can create symlinks to them in ~/Dropbox and the Linux client will then sync the files correctly. Create such symlinks on both computers to achieve the syncing you want. The key is to determine which files/folders you need (which maybe someone else can supply).

(Unless they're gconf settings or in some database that contains more than just the compiz or unity settings - you may not want to sync those between computers and change more than just compiz/unity settings.)

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