I need to install a software called silico.In that software it says

  1. Copy the Silico directory tree to an appropriate location

  2. Set the environment variable SILICO_HOME to point to the silico directory

  3. Include $SILICO_HOME/bin in your path

eg. For the C shell

setenv SILICO_HOME /apps/scripts/silico1.01

Therefore, I put the silico directory into /usr/local and then I included

export SILICO_HOME /usr/local
export PATH $PATH\:$SILICO_HOME/bin 

in /.bashrc. However, when I tried to run, it didn't work. I am new to Ubuntu. Could you please anyone help me.

Thank you.

  • Is silico command line or graphics app ? You may need to log out and back in Oct 27, 2017 at 12:45

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Suppose you have a directory named silico.

Put the directory in any location, suppose /opt

Now your silico directory path will be /opt/silico, and there is a bin folder in silico dir.

Now open your ~/.bashrc file and put these line in the end of file.

export SILICO_HOME=/opt/silico

Then restart terminal or execute source ~/.bashrc.

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The syntax for the bourne family of shells (which includes bash, the default shell on Ubuntu) is different. It is export var=value. You also don't need to escape the :, but never mind. What you want is:

export SILICO_HOME=/usr/local
export PATH="$PATH:$SILICO_HOME/bin" 

Oh, and I assume you mean ~/.bashrc ($HOME/.bashrc) and not /.bashrc.


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