How do install android-studio from umake through snap? It seems to be a matter of umake usage...but the command looks correct.

thufir@dur:~$ snap install ubuntu-make
error: This revision of snap "ubuntu-make" was published using classic confinement and thus
       may perform arbitrary system changes outside of the security sandbox that snaps are
       usually confined to, which may put your system at risk.

       If you understand and want to proceed repeat the command including --classic.
thufir@dur:~$ snap install ubuntu-make --classic
ubuntu-make master from 'didrocks' installed
thufir@dur:~$ ubuntu-make.umake android
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This appears to be the suggested method.


In https://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make

If you use the Ubuntu Make snap to ensure you always have the latest and greatest version, even on older supported releases.

  • Install:

    snap install ubuntu-make --classic

    Umake can then be run as ubuntu-make.umake

  • Run Ubuntu Make:

    snap run ubuntu-make.umake android
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    • as from the comments, there was a bug. sounds like it was resolved. but, thanks :)
      – Thufir
      Dec 6 '17 at 8:55

    I believe this is no longer required, if you installed using

    snap install ubuntu-make --classic

    you then need to reboot your system so snap is in your path. After that you can simply run.

    umake android

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