Every time I'm debugging a Java game using graphics from OpenGL (libGDX framework), step by step (on my IDE), Gnome 3 freeze the game window and lock my mouse events outside that window, asking for a FORCE QUIT or WAIT because of a non responsive window (the game being debugged).

How can I ignore that message in the future (or delay it)? I can't debug anything with that open dialog, even if I press Wait (the dialog reappear again after 2 seconds or so)?


Check your CPU or RAM usage. This might be a simple hardware bottleneck considering what’s happening. Most IDEs use up quite a lot of system resources,and I doubt yours is different. I found an O’Reily book that states that over time the OpenGL API became more and more bloated on top of that. Try killing some tasks and look again. There might be some more information about disabling the repeated dialog boxes here.

  • CPU and ram usage are ok. There's half physical ram available. Almost Zero CPU usage. – francogp Feb 11 '20 at 12:23
  • @francogp That’s pretty interesting. I’ll keep looking. – Michael Dierkes Feb 11 '20 at 13:05

Another thing to consider is if, when stepping through the code, you are getting to a point where the app is expecting some input from the user: a keyboard input, mouse movement etc. If the app is now locked waiting for that input it will be stuck there, but you are in the debugger, stepping to the next line of code. So your app never gets there because its waiting, and the debug can't move on because its waiting for the app to complete whats its doing.

Its called a deadly embrace

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