When I insert headphones I see it in Settings->Sound->Output instead of speakers but sound plays through internal speakers anyway.

The only way is to execute

amixer -c 0 sset "HP/Speaker" on

to switch headphones on and

amixer -c 0 sset "HP/Speaker" off

to switch it off back to speakers


A similar problem I had a year ago was fixed automaticly by "PulseAudio Volume Control". I don't remember which hardware that laptop had, but I see the same symptoms.


$ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

then just

$ pavucontrol
  • Unfortunately pavucontrol unable to activate headphones at all. I played with it about 30 min, no success. The more, it does not matter amixer or pavucontrol. I ask if someone knows how to config 17.10 on Alienware to automatically select proper output device. – Александр Авраменко Oct 26 '17 at 21:59

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