I have no way of accessing any of my settings on my fresh install of Ubuntu 17.10. I installed 15 minutes ago, added a few core packages, one of which was wine where dpkg failed and I had to restart it. And it keeps telling me randomly that an install failed of : libsane1 (experimental).

After I installed those packages, no settings available. The menus are gone, their icons are gone, they won't load even if they have an icon.

As soon as I got the first error message from dpkg, I did a

sudo apt-get remove libsane1

which went perfectly well and appeared to clear up the error. Then back and did a

sudo apt-get install libsane1

which also went perfectly fine and no problems seemed to exist.

Only during the installation of wine-hq-staging on my fresh and clean ubuntu does the error appear. Well it also appears on winehq-stable too but I did not use that this occasion.


First check whether Settings (aka gnome-control-center) is installed. You may run

apt-cache policy gnome-control-center

If the output contains Installed: (none) install gnome-control-center by running

sudo apt install gnome-control-center

Otherwise this package may be corrupted. In that case purge gnome-control-center first and reinstall again.

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