Today for some reason my Ethernet adaptor stopped assigning DNS server info via DHCP request. Wifi works without problems. I was getting this error in Chrome DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG. I looked it up and the suggestion was to run dpkg-reconfigure resolve.conf and then reboot. So that's what I did. It worked, but when I shutdown and restart the problem returns. The interface won't resolve DNS requests but I can load web pages in the browser if I enter their IP address.

When I do 'nmcli device show enp3s0' there is no DNS entry for the wired ethernet adaptor. So it seems that DHCP client is no longer setting DNS information. If I assign the DNS server in network manager then I am able to use the interface as expected. I'm not a long time Ubuntu user so I'm looking for hints on how to troubleshoot this.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Dell Latitude 3470


Same thing happened to me after updating to 17.10. I've found the solution on this thread

I hope you can fix your problem.

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