I need presentation frequently for my teaching, when I want to make changes presentation wide using master view it is not shown in presentation and I need to do it manually for each slides


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Some things seem to work when changing an attribute on the master slide. For example, specifying a different background, is carried out across all slides. The difficulty I have is changing the font. I can change this on the master slide but the new setting isn't carried over to any of the presentation slides. A workaround seems to be to select the text on one of the slides in the actual presentation, then navigate to Format - Styles and Formatting - Right click on the highlighted style and select Modify. Change the Font and/or Font Effects and press OK. The new font should now be displayed on all slides.

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    Thanks, This is working for fonts, background and slide transition but if you add custom animation it is not working
    – Kamlesh
    Feb 9, 2012 at 5:40

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